How to receice a free quote

Please send all your texts for translation to
We would prefer to receive your source documents as a Word-Document. Of course you can hand in the texts to be translated in other electronic formats, too.
If you prefer, you may send us a copy of the original document, either as facsimile to ++44 (0)1483 60 82 7-5
or by letter post to:

    Pancroft, Whiteman and Partners Consulting Ltd.
    47 Park Crescent
    NP4 8BR

Please state whenever possible a contact telephone number for any questions which might arise. Also, we will need some information about the target readership, the purpose for which the translation is needed and in what time-frame you need the translation.
We will make a binding lump-sum offer, based on the source text you send to us.

If you cannot provide us with the full source text in advance, we will need some excerpt or similar text. We will send you a quote for the price per word in the translated text.

In either case we will contact you within a few working-hours.