Privacy Policy

We are committed to handling your information responsibly and with respect. We strictly obey all relevant legislation.

The translation of legal texts requires the same ability to discern and discretion as the work of a lawyer such as a barrister or solicitor. In our capacity as specialist translators for legal texts we gain knowledge of matters which are not aimed for the general public.
All our employees have signed a respective written undertaking enjoining them to absolute secrecy on any information they gained knowledge about. Of course, this does not only apply for the translation of legal texts but also for any other kind of translation and also on information about the person and the name of the client.
Any information we are obtaining in the course of our business will be treated as confidential. We are employing exclusively qualified juridcal personnel for the translation of legal texts. When translating legal texts our employees are well aware of their responsibility with respect to our mandators and clients.
We are more than happy to deliver a non-disclosure agreement with regard to the translation of legal texts as well as to the persons and names of our clients and mandators.