Our Services

We provide a prompt and comprehensive service to customers worldwide in need of legal and business or commercial translations at the most competitive prices.

As a specialised translation service provider we only translate from English (UK, USA, CDN, AUS, ZA, NZ, etc.) into German (DE, AT, CH, IT, LI) and vice versa.
All our translators are trained legal professionals having both experience with common law systems like England and civil law systems like Germany.

There are many types of official documents which sometimes need to be translated. Our translators have the knowledge to deliver an excellent translation which will be understood by the reader and is accepted by business partners, government agencies, lawyers and courts.

We can deliver 'Certified Translations', having them 'Notarised' and are able to provide an 'Apostille'.

We would prefer to receive your source documents by email as a Word-Document because our tools allow the further processing of these without having to re-type them.
Of course, you can hand in the texts to be translated in other electronic formats too. If you prefer, you may send us a copy of the original document, either as a facsimile or by letter post.